This is part 2 to last week’s episode because it helped everyone so freaking much.

Life without ego, what a freakin concept right. It’s actually possible to not give in to every crappy ego thought that you have.

It’s possible to let painful things from the past go.

It’s possible to know you are enough right freaking now.

It may be a completely foreign concept to you right now and that’s OK. No one ever breaks the habit of self sabotage and self punishment by practicing awareness and self control once.


We don’t do 1 sit up and get a six pack. We don’t go for 1 run and then try out for the Olympics.

The laws of the Universe apply to energy the same as they apply to everything else in the World.

Making the choice to not give in to ego in this moment is a huge freaking win! It’s the beginning of a life of love and peace. A life of knowing we are the Universe and the Universe is us.

I should mention you can’t fool the Universe.

It doesn’t matter how many times you journal or meditate… when you show up and manifest from a place of lack because you feel something is missing YOU WILL ALWAYS PUSH WHATEVER YOU WANT AWAY.

If you’re struggling right now it’s because you’re possessed by ego. It’s not because you’re not worthy of having it all.

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