I felt amazing when I first moved to Bali.

Then the feeling of not having as much money as I wanted dropped in deep. I felt a sense of loss.

I became a more well known yoga teacher. My classes were full. I was booked at high end resorts like The Ritz, and I was raising my prices.

Ya girl started making more money. I felt amazing.

Then the feeling of not having a man dropped in deep. I felt a sense of loss.

This characterized my life. Up then down. Fulfilled then empty. Amazing then loss.

I thought I felt this way because I didn’t have everything my ego asked for. So I’d always go back to the drawing board and make a plan that consisted of working brutally hard to get the “thing.”

But every time like clockwork I’d get the thing, feel amazing for a short while and then that deep, empty feeling of loss would drop in hard.

Truth Bomb… The ego will always feel a sense of loss.

Maybe not when I arrive in Bali, or when I’m making love. But it always rears it’s ugly little head very soon after.

My approach of getting outside things to fulfill my soul never worked. I actually hit rock bottom after leaving an abusive marriage. Which I entered into with my own free will thinking it would cure my sense of loss.

To finally feel unconditional love and take action for the Greater Good, instead of to get the “thing” I had to shift my journey inward. I had to learn how to fully trust the Universe and how to believe deep in my soul I AM AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ENOUGH.

Alan Watts explains it so beautifully… “As the ocean “waves” the universe “peoples.” Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe.

The fact is we’re primed for worst case scenario, separation, loss, and disconnection.

Yet we all have the opportunity to feel safe in our body, connect to the universe, manifest from the Divine Feminine, and release the ego’s constant state of unhappiness and loss.

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