This is my first podcast ever with a mom and daughter! And they’re my clients. Two Queen’s literally making this World better and I am so freaking excited for you to listen!

When Tanisha came into Purpose she had just gotten herself out of an abusive relationship.

What Tanisha needed next was some help to make sure it never happened again.

She called mama Tanya straight away and was like “you have to join The Purpose Program with me!”

Together they have completely shifted from anxious, depressed and miserable AF to Empowered, Bad Ass Queens living their best life.

Both of them suffered badly from depression and thought it was like a shoe size and they were stuck with it for life.

Within the first few days both of them were able to sleep and wake up feeling peaceful. No more horrible suffocating anxiety.

Before Purpose their relationship was codependent and fueled by “poor me” complaining.

Mama Tanya was trying to save Tanisha. Tanisha wanted a way to take her power back. They were trapped in a negative loop… until they came into Purpose.

Mama T is 59 years young and has never freaking felt better in her entire life! She has forgiven herself for things she’s been carrying for 30 freaking years!

She’s motivated, energized and her and Tanya now lift each other up. Mama Tanya has broken the ancestral cycle. No more abuse!!!

Tanisha is a freaking powerhouse going after her dreams! She’s living her Purpose, taking action from Love and knows she can absolutely do anything.

No more settling in a soul sucking job. Tanisha knows her damn worth and is already helping her clients do the same!

WTF in 3 months these women have left their dog shit behind and taken life by the balls!

Their connection and love is so beautiful and so inspiring! Every single one of us wants a loving, healthy, harmonious relationship with our mom. These two are goals all day long!

We absolutely can change. We absolutely can feel freaking amazing! But we have to be willing to do shit that feels uncomfortable for the ego.

Nothing great comes from the comfort zone.


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