This episode is so amazing I can’t even.

Avi Kabani is the only guest to be on the podcast twice, he was one of my first guests ever!

Avi reached out with the intention of creating a conversation around sex, sex in the media, and sexual art.

How can we help people?

And are there specific rules we can give someone to follow in order to connect more deeply and more sacredly to their sexuality?

There is so much juice in here I feel like you’ll be able to come back to this episode over and over and get something new and epic out of it every time.

Avi and I have both experienced sexual pain in the past. Our intention is to use it to bring harmony to the now.

This is not a conversation of perfect humans on a pedestal who know it all.

This is real talk where we explore what it looks like in day to day life, in sexual relationships, and in social media for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to rise.


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