Time to get real and actually own your shit.

When I was suicidal, awake at 3am like a freaking crack head because I had so much anxiety, and so was miserable I wanted to go into the darkness…

I believed that I was a victim of all my circumstances, I had no control over if men abused me, no control over being broke, no control over not sleeping for months. I was 100% POWERLESS!

Literally I experienced Divine Intervention and some fucking light dropped in my soul. The awareness that no one actually held a gun to my head and made me do anything.

I may have chosen from fear and dog shit but I did choose and the lit me up so hard, I was vibrating with light.

I swallowed the pill that I had exactly what I deserved. And since I wanted things to be a whole lot different I put in the reps to change myself. Raise my vibe. Stop being a lazy fuck who didn’t try that complained about being a loser.

I am making an impact and it feels phenomenal.

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When I was powerless and a victim of life I was offended by the truth that I had exactly what I deserved.

Today, it makes me feel all warm and cozy and totally supported knowing that I have exactly what I deserve.

It’s always in my power to connect to Source, plug into ONENESS and feel harmony. I absolutely have certainty that I choose my vibe.

The ego will freak the fuck out when you decide to be in the one place you can truly feel harmony. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dramatic or miserable.

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You don’t have to do this alone sister.

I believe in you.