I did a post about having some really exciting news and women were asking if I was pregnant.

That’s how excited I am about this haha.

No, I’m not pregnant but damn girl I’m birthing something EPIC.

I’m doing a mind blowing workshop that will change your life! I’m so freaking pumped to support you I can’t even!

I’m donating ALL proceeds to Operation Underground Railroad in Rosie’s honour.

We have already raised $4,600 from this workshop.

We’re so close to saving 2 children’s lives I can feel it through my whole soul!

The ticket is only $97 and if you buy your ticket now you’ll get to join a once in a lifetime call with the amazing Development Manager from O.U.R who will share with us the most powerful rescues they’ve been able to make with our donations!

If you’re waiting to get your shit together before you get my help think about how silly that is.

I’m the best woman to help you so let’s freaking go!

I am gifting you the tools to save your freaking self AND live up to your full potential.

No more settling.

Queens live their Purpose with Passion AND kick ass.

The meditations I’m gifting you alone are worth $300 and I’m offering you so much more!

If you feel disconnected, misunderstood and you know your true essence is BAD ASS…

Then you have to come to my workshop, learn my strategies, feel my energy, and drink up the love and support of women just like you who have already done it!

46 tickets have already been sold do not procrastinate on this.

There’s no magic.

You have to choose to be a Bad Ass.

I believe in you!