I used to be obsessed with being skinny and pretty because I was certain my body determined my self worth.

From my personal experience and the thousands and thousands of women I’ve spoken to, they believe the same thing.

I recorded this podcast because when I stopped believing my body was ME, and I stopped obsessing with the freaking tip of the iceberg, everything changed!

 Literally think of your physical body and what you look like on the outside as the tip of the iceberg. 10% of the iceberg is above the water.

No matter how much you obsess over the 10% it will never ever ever give you what you’re saying you want.

The most important part of the iceberg is below the water. The essence of the iceberg is unseen! the answer is the 90% under the freaking water.


Body positivity is NOT obsessing and constantly posting and talking about what you look like.

Constantly obsessing over how much you “love your body” outwardly is NOT body positivity.

Dude women don’t come into my program and work with me because of my body.

Obsessing is not love.

Yes we have a body, duh, we sleep, eat and poop. And we put a number on a scale when we weigh ourselves. That is the shallow, surface, 10%.

There is no way that the 10% can ever characterise your true essence and your depth.

We can’t see with our eyes the depth of us as humans. We can’t see the 90%. The 90% is between us and God.

The best way to check in if you’re embodied is to be aware of how you feel. What’s the essence of your post, and the women you follow.

It’s not inspiring, it’s actually hurting, when you read posts from other women, and do posts yourself from a place of shallow, surface, tip of the iceberg energy.

Soul love is deep under the water and so freaking powerful. The energy is grounded and it feels peaceful even when shit outwardly maybe going wild. It’s not the words or the pictures that are outwardly spoken.

It’s the energy and essence underneath. It’s unseen. Feel it baby.


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