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If you feel overwhelmed and powerless when people around you are super negative then this episode is for you!

It’s 2017 and I’m living in Queensland, Australia. I get the news that my besties and fellow yoga teachers in Bali sold my part of the business and kept the money.

I spiraled!

It triggered a super painful memory I had with my family member and business partner a few years earlier when I lived in Orange County where the same thing happened. And I’m living in a fucking nightmare, scared for my damn life and hiding it from everyone.

It feels like I’m getting hit with one upper cut from Mike Tyson after another. 

I go to my therapy session triggered AF. Feeling so sorry for myself. Jumping between being so mad I wanted to beat everyone’s ass, and so depressed I was sleeping for 15 hours at a time and couldn’t eat.

I tell her this…

“People go out of their way to hurt me.”

I believed that the World was out to get me and that dark feeling of being a target AND having no one to count on was killing me.

I could not get out of my head. I could not stop thinking about everything that everyone had done to me to ruin my life.

And I sure as shit could not focus on anything other than all the negativity.

Holy shit balls my outlook on The Universe and people could not be more opposite today. 

I’m so excited for you to listen. This is going to change the game for you sister.