Dude I almost quit coaching twice.

It was really freaking hard. I felt like I was a failure.

When I got rejected I would lose it. Tears, screams, threatening to quit and poor Chris took the wrath.

My hero’s journey has been insane and I’ve gone through so many challenges.

Which is what makes it so great.

Chris and I ended 2018 at $36,000 in revenue. And we spent over $20,000 on coaches.

We were in debt. My unworthy beliefs got even stronger, and I was 2 seconds away from quitting and throwing in the towel as a coach once and for all. I was going to go back to teaching yoga and stay comfortable and unfulfilled.

Less than 2 years later we are on track to end 2020 at $750k.

I believe we’ll finish 2020 even higher as we’ve just invested to take our business to the next level.

I thought that messing up and not being perfect meant I wasn’t cut out to be a coach.

I wanted everything to happen instantly.

And my mindset was all fucked up because I wanted to do 1 Facebook post and get a million clients.

My appetite for drama was freaking huge and I made everything so difficult for myself. It took me hours to do shit I can do in minutes today.

I’m spilling how I overcame self sabotage and stopped quitting on myself.

How we went from breaking up every week and almost quitting the business to a completely fulfilled and growing like wildfire in every area of our lives.


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