Oh my gawd us chicks loooove a good drama sandwich. When there’s nothing wrong we’ll find something to fight about!

We’ll think of something that hurt our feelings, we’ll compare ourselves to a woman who’s “better” than us so we can feel like shit.

We’ll find a way to bring in the drama haha.

I get it and there ain’t an ounce of judgement because I have an ego same as everyone else.

I recorded this episode because society has brainwashed us to think of happiness and consciousness as “If you’re not perfect you’re fucked.”

Which is crazy because am I enlightened or perfect… Absolutely not.

And my life is so much more peaceful, my gratitude is off the chain, my relationship is mind blowing, and our business is freaking rocking.

Imagine if I started my conscious journey and gave up because I’m not Buddah. WTF!

I’ve experienced so much juice in my conscious journey and my soul is so full of peace and love.

And next year it will be flooded even more with the Divine. I’m not fulfilled because I’m enlightened or perfect.

I’m fulfilled because every day I feel more peace and spend more time right here right now!

Life is so beautiful, it’s such a freaking blessing. A blessing that can only be felt when you stop thinking about shit you don’t want.

I’m so stoked to share this with you sis. It absolutely changed my life!


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