I always get… “Lani how do I know if I’m being a judgemental bitch and picking on my partner or if I’m settling for a crappy relationship?”

It sounds so crazy that grown ass women don’t know how to answer this for themselves, but I was there too.

I used to cry in the shower and ask God to just tell me what to do.

My prayers also included… “If I’m meant to be with him forever and be miserable then I’ll stay.”

I don’t know how much clearer it could have been to me Jesus! I’m miserable. Should I stay? What the actual fuck.

When did our collective consciousness as women drop so low that we need someone else to tell us to leave an unfulfilling relationship?

Women truly think that if someone just told them the answer their life would be great. Which is total BS because the problem is not your man sis, the problem is your low level of consciousness.

Your romantic relationship or lack thereof, is a direct reflection of your consciousness.

You have exactly what you’re attracted to. If you didn’t get something out of it, you wouldn’t be in it.

Women love to tell me “But Lani he’s a good man.” And they freaking complain about him.

I speak so highly of Chris behind his back.

I don’t question if he’s the one.

I don’t make excuses for him.

I don’t put him down and I definitely don’t complain about him holding me back.

Instead of asking…

Why are all these things wrong with him?

Focus on why you’re attracted to someone you complain about and judge.

Focus on your level of consciousness because this is the root sis.

I believe in you!


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