The simplest way to measure happiness and self love is your body.

Dude you’ll spin your wheels forever trying to fix side effects and you’ll never ever solve the root problem.

It’s like having termites and obsessing over cleaning up those little balls they make, but never doing anything about the damn termites. Eventually your house comes down.

The body only has 1 master and that’s the mind.

Nothing is random. Not acne, not insomnia, not disease, nothing. Your body is telling you that your feelings of worthlessness are what’s making you sick.

The actual sickness is just a side effect. Like the termite ball thingys.

Of course we always want the easy way out, we always want the path of least resistance, we always want to blame something else for our physical manifestations.

It’s such a blow to the ego to admit “I have dog shit standards, no boundaries, and no self worth.”

You’re not alone, we all hate admitting that haha.

But you do have a choice. You can choose to accept your body’s alarm and learn HOW to freaking love yourself.

Self love equals a healthy strong body that feels really freaking amazing. Alarms only go off when self hatred is trespassing.


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