Dude this is my favorite episode so far!

Which is epic because it confirms I am always growing and I have so much more love and energy to share every week.

And I’m talking about something so close to my heart.

Get ready to be inspired AF!

I know everyone’s ego thinks it’s easier for me because I’m with my soul mate King Chris, we’re rich, and our business is thriving and growing every month.It’s definitely not easier for me sis.

I can literally chalk up my success to the fact that I MAKE A FUCKING MOVE.

I don’t talk about doing shit and never do it.

I don’t do something until I get bored and then quit.

I’m not secretly waiting for someone to save me.

Last week I launched a fundraiser in honour of my soul sis Rosie who passed away in a car accident at 37 years young.

My original goal was to raise $12,000 to save a child’s life from sex slavery through Operation Underground Railroad.We raised $9,000 in 2 days so my new goal is to save as many children as possible.

Here’s the link to donate:  https://my.ourrescue.org/fundraisers/lani-nalu-fundraiser-in-rosies-memory

Have you ever donated a substantial amount that actually makes a difference?

Have you ever saved a child’s life from being brutally raped 10 times a day?

Most are sold by their parents btw, so even if they do get rescued they have no parents to keep them safe.

The problem is… everyone is waiting for someone else to donate.

Waiting for someone else to volunteer, waiting for someone else to help these children.

I got news for you sis.

If you are not helping these kids you are hurting them.

Chris and I are so rich and successful because we share so much kindness, we donate so much money, and we gift so much of our time.

If you refuse to donate $5 right now, there’s no way if you do happen to get rich you’ll donate $3,000 with ease, or use your energy to help save kids’ lives.

The moment to make a move is right now.

The brilliant part is you are in charge of that.

To me this is the definition of EMPOWERING.

If you are ready to make a move your first step is to come to my FREE online workshop so I can teach you HOW.

I believe in you.