I was the queen of excuses, which means I was the queen of enabling.. and that is freaking evil.

I have been investing in self development for almost a decade girl…

SOOOO WTF! Why did I walk into a deadly marriage. Why was I insecure AF, jealous, sick, exhausted, burnt out, and BROKE?

Literally I would have rather died than be rejected by anyone. Especially people I didn’t even like. It is so mind blowing the way our freaking ego spins these bull shit excuses into reasons why it’s not our fault.

That’s an excuse by the way. If anything other than “Fuuuuuck me, I’m responsible for where I am and what I have” comes out of our mouth it’s an excuse.

This leads straight into making excuses for others. Especially the ones we say we love the most.

It’s really freaking mean to enable because it’s not for their own good. It’s for your own good. When it gets too hard, too uncomfortable & when we’re just too exhausted and don’t have the energy or self worth to speak truth with love and respect…

We drop our standards and make excuses.

We reinforce to the person we say we love so dearly, that they can’t do it anyway so settle.

Settle for an unfulfilling relationship. Settle for being a victim. Settle for being broke. Settle for being exhausted. Settle for being sick.

Settle for living a life and never sharing what you were put here to truly gift the Earth.

Excuses are fucking deadly.

I know that Chris and I have become, and continue to become, so successful in every area of our life because we take responsibility and call ourselves out with love.  And then take action to make the necessary changes to grow… Every freaking day.


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