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Today I’m chatting with my gorgeous sista Skyla. We met 7 years ago partying in London haha. We are both on this radical conscious journey and today’s episode has so much healing in it I got goosebumps like 100 times.

We talk about overcoming the fear of not being perfect specifically on social media. We were given this platform to post ANYTHING we want, yet no one gives us the tools to love ourselves, or to heal from past trauma, or to speak our truth.

So we’re left pretending to be perfect, comparing ourselves to fake people and achievements, and sharing from an empty, ego space.

Speaking our truth is not as hard as our ego tells us I promise! We can always choose to pause, tale a few breaths, and connect to our truth deep within. Every single one of us on this journey has felt the same fear of death that your ego is feeling now when it comes to speaking your truth.

Speaking your truth is the only way to let go of what’s been holding you back. FACT. It’s not pretty, it’s not perfect, but it’s the most beautiful, inspiring version of you.

My clients say that they are addicted to it haha. I’m like ok, that’s the only word our human brain knows that’s way bigger than craving so I get it. But really, once you feel your soul fly and breathe and free fall into the love of Mama Universe… it’s so incredibly beautiful, that the fear your ego holds over you is no where near the infinite amount of LOVE that flows through your entire being.

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