Ryan is my guest today and OMG his story is so gnarly, honestly probably one of the most radical shifts I’ve felt in a human.

He suffered from PTSD as result of serving in the war, and this was only one of the traumas he experienced.

He bears his soul for you all with the intention to inspire your life transformation. He shares the power of making one decision to positively change your entire life.

He almost died, more than once! He went to prison, he suffered abuse as a child… and then he had a crucible moment that changed everything.

He shares his 5 tools that pulled him out of suicide and darkness which will help the healing shift in your life immediately.

The healing nuggets in this episode are endless so grab a journal for sure. This is the perfect episode to share with your bf or husband because he explains the process of a man going from the mind/ego/machismo low frequency right into his Divine masculine frequency

It’s so epic, so brave… and when a man is truly in his Divine masculine, his vulnerability heals the world.

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TedX Talk: Los Angeles March 30 2019 on ‘Overcoming PTSD with dog training techniques’