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Deep breaths… today’s episode is a healing session I did with my incredible Amazon Warrior Soul Sister. 

It’s heavy and I cried and she cried heaps.

2 months ago she found out her 4 year old daughter was being molesting by her step dad.

It’s only in the first few minutes that she goes into detail about the trauma, and after that we begin our healing.

She has been suicidal, throwing up after every meal, disgusted with sex and completely unable to make love to her husband, and her daughter was still severely struggling.

She is so brave and wanted to share her story of healing because she knows now it’s possible to heal from anything.

She’s doing absolutely amazing!

She said she’s gotten her baby girl back and she knows it’s because she’s healed.

She says her daughter is happy again and their world has changed. 

I encourage you to show her love in the comments if you feel her beautiful Warrior heart.

I’ve cut out her name, her daughters, name and her husbands name but she will be listening and is super open to receiving all the love and support.

Please share this episode with someone who feels like they are too far gone, give them hope that they can feel like themselves again… happy, fun, excited and free.

Share the truth that are worthy of love.

We are all Divine creatures and together we heal. We hold the love frequency and this lifts every single one of us up.

I see you. I love you and I know in my soul with conviction that you are Bad Ass.