Today I’m chatting with Ash Monical. She helps goddess sisters get free, connected and empowered through psychic and intuitive guidance.

We openly describe our journey with feeling like we need to be perfect to be loved… holy moly we share some deep rooted pain around this belief.

Ash suffered from anxiety and depression and used to alcohol to deal. Today she’s been sober for 6 years!

We share our tools for getting out of the ego and the I’m not enough’s, and back into ourselves where we truly are at peace.

We talk about the judgment we experience daily and how it manifests in feeling threatened by other women and using outside things to get an ego love hit.

We talk about the uncomfortable process of feeling our shit ahhhh. Even when the mind is screaming no, run away, it’s gonna hurt too much.

She describes her process of getting sober and rituals that help her open up to the Divine love of the Universe because we are literally abundant beings that deserve it all.

Connect with Ash

Website: Ashley Monical

Instagram: @ashmonical