I Am Bad Ass Podcast

Podcasts I have Featured on…

I have had the pleasure of being invited on some amazing Podcasts as a guest. You can check these out here…

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Mind Love

Reconnect with your Body and Radiate your Sexual Essence

I was invited on Mind Love by host Melissa Monte, who I met at one of my Workshops in LA. In her Podcast we discuss:

  • Why a balance of masculine and feminine energy is critical to success in life and in business

  • How to connect to your personal power through thought

  • A powerful way to start each morning that connects you to your essence of pure love


From Rock Bottom to Bad Ass

I was invited on Pocket Coach by host Kieran Hedley, who I met in Bali.. In his Podcast we discuss:

“When Lani says she's been at rock bottom, she genuinely means it. She's had what most would say is a crazy upbringing, and It's almost a miracle that she's been able to become the Bad Ass lady she is today. But she would beg to differ.

She explains how truly attainable a bad ass mentality is, so long as you make the choice that you are not a victim of your current life. This is a decision only you can make. But, once you've made that decision, you can then move forward to heal and grow from your current struggles.

Past traumas from her abusive relationships and past financial struggles earning only $700 a month have lead her to learn from the pains of being stuck, and have taught her how powerful being unstuck can really be. The pain cave is something she now seeks, rather than a space she runs away from.”