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Laura was bullied in highschool. She was physically active and had a muscley body. The boys called her thunder thighs
Today my guest Jodi H. Stevens and I talk about sex A LOT haha. My sex talk was "Only whores have
 I was pushing away abundance, beauty and money, through judgement.It believed it wasn't my fault I lost everything and ended
My guest today is Vanessa Burmaster. She is a freaking bad ass! She shares her story from almost getting beat to
Who got f*cked up during Christmas ?!Let's get real family is the gnarliest trigger ever! And with all the events
My beautiful guest today is CC and I swear she is the most mature woman ever. She's only 25 and
Our brain will tell us anything in order to prevent us from letting go of the past. Even things that seem
It's impossible to save another human. They must choose to surrender. They must feel their pain. They must let go
Speaking our truth is not as hard as our ego tells us I promise! We can always choose to pause,