I became my own icon.I created a fucking Queen, the most Bad Ass, compassionate, strong, loving, embodied, abundant, fearless, truthful,
We share the 1 Golden formula to manifest what you want.We talk religion, anti depressants, sex, business, success and of
You don't have everything you want because you're not the woman who deserves it.Changing is one of our most incredible
It is an epidemic in our society that pain and suffering is just accepted as love without question.No it is
Your guilt is suffocating you!But... No one starts with the Olympics. You can't start in the bedroom girl.I know you
I get real today about the EGO. The ego tells us we are powerless, we have no control, and we're
My sex talk was "Only whores have sex."I learnt about sex from society, movies, porn and my first sexual experience
Why am I not good enough for you to love me?This belief turned me into an insecure, hardened, desperate, pathetic,
This has to be the most Powerful episode on healing Feminine Sexual Energy to date.My guest today Christa and she
If you can't feel the way you want, and you don't have people in your life who are evolving and