Ep 30: Our Vagina Is Spiritual AND Sexual


Amy Towle is my guest today and she is rocking the Earth with her spiritual and sexual expertise in healing Divine Feminine Sexual Energy.

I have not ever heard of another platform where everything you've never been told about your vagina's super powers are revealed. Today that's exactly what we did.

Society labels women who seek out pleasure; ‘a whore’. This is a lie and today it stops.

Our sexual energy is the most pure, powerful, healing force in the Universe and Amy shares her most earth shattering knowledge which I guarantee you have not heard yet, so you can tap into it right now.

She was a mid wife for years and saw the most powerful miracle of giving birth shattered by vagina shame.

Today she does yoni massage and has completely changed the tantric game by creating extraordinary standards for yoni healing combining Spirituality and Sexuality.

This episode will blow your mind.

Honestly it's the episode I'm most proud of so far.

To have a platform sharing about our most sacred part, our yoni, seems stone age that is has not happened yet in society, but it hasn't.

And we're changing that. This episode will heal you and this is what brings me life.

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Instagram: @temple.of.she

Website: www.templeofshe.com.au

Facebook: Temple of She