Ep 21: We have this Holy Whore, this Sacred Seductress in us as women with Christa Black Gifford

Lani Nalu podcast

This has to be the most Powerful episode on healing Feminine Sexual Energy to date.

My guest today Christa and she is a force of Divine Healing.

Christa offers heaps of profound healing tools, my favourite being how she turned the most devastating experience of her life into her greatest teacher.

The alchemy of pain into love.

She also shares her incredible shift from sexual guilt learnt through religion to her present state of Sacred Seductress.

We share our pleasure tools and how we overcame sexual trauma and today pleasure ourselves and make love to our partners through Divine, Conscious, Connection.

You gotta download this episode now it's amazing!

Connect with Christa

Instagram: @spirituallysexy / @christablackgifford

Website: christablackgifford.com

Podcast Instagram @headtoheartpodcast