Ep 17: Embrace Your Inner Slut With Jodi H. Stevens


Today my guest Jodi H. Stevens and I talk about sex A LOT haha. 

My sex talk was "Only whores have sex, don't do it."

I'd love to know if yours was similar.

We agree that there is so much shame for women to talk about money and sex so today we hold nothing back!

We share our favorite ways to receive pleasure and how we feed our soul.

We go real deep about Yoni meditation, hypno birthing, conscious love making, conscious orgasms, & embracing your inner slut.

Women, our healing gift is moving our hips like our indigenous ancestors. Which is the same way we move when we make love.

Our Yoni is our Super Power. 

We give you our favorite tools to fully embody your Divine Feminine. 

And how everything changed when we began living our lives with intuition and going primitive through sounds, breath & movement. 

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