I am sharing the 2 shifts you must make in order to wake up feeling fulfilled and happy.
I thought the victim mentality was people who refused to get a job, refused to work hard, and people who
I’m talking about financially free, hard working, motivated, Bad Ass women who wake up super stressed and overwhelmed.
Looking for salvation in the future when you don't get rejected is total bull shit because the truth is THE
I wanted to share some real shit with you today so we can move forward toward your goals.
By the time you listen to this I will be 40 and I want you to know that I subconsciously
I 100% know with conviction that you CAN feel happy! You deserve to feel 100% confident.
Everyone wants to change their life but only a rare few want to change their thinking.
She wondered what made Purpose different and asked herself, "Is this worth it?
I guarantee you will 100% burn out, get annoyed, feel exhausted, and want to quit if you allow yourself to