Using Law of Attraction to Lose Weight / Learn how to lose weight with the law of attraction so you can have your dream body.

For years I had issues with my body. I starved myself, I binged, I would run a lot, I would eat a lot… it wasn’t pretty.

Something had to change, so I used the law of attraction to manifest my dream body.


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Video Transcription

In this video, I’m going to talk about how to use the law of attraction to lose weight. But first let’s set the subscribe button. Hit the bell icon so you get notified every Tuesday and Thursday when I release epic videos and hit the like button. I know we haven’t started the video yet, but this is going to be a good one. It helps so much. I’d be so grateful. Really helps my YouTube channel a lot. Okay, so if you’re new to my channel, I’m Lani and I’ve helped thousands of women all over the world use the law of attraction and manifest the body of their dreams. I created a solution to my own problem because there was a point in my life where I literally would have traded my soul to the devil to eat whatever I wanted and be skinny. That was my old programming. It was like, “I need to be skinny, I need to be skinny.”

This was like before muscles were cool. I don’t know, maybe growing up and people telling me I’m so buff and I would just be so swollen, and then I would eat a whole tray of frozen fucking lasagna in the middle of the night in the dark by myself and be like, “What just happened?” I’ve eaten like a gallon of coffee ice cream before and realized that it was coffee ice cream. I fucking hate coffee ice cream. So I was just so disconnected and so out of my body and I really always thought food was the problem. It’s so easy to blame a symptom. So what happens was I’d be like, “Oh, I’m just so much happier when I’m eating.” Like, “Oh, because in my mind it was either starving or binging.” I didn’t know there was a middle in between. That’s how I lived my life.

It was either work out so fucking hard until I’m going to die and don’t lift a finger. Like just eat cookies and fucking ice cream on the couch and potato chips. Like I didn’t understand that my body knows when it’s hungry and it’s not like a weird, confusing question. Like it’s not that hard. Babies do it. I’m full, so I’m going to stop eating. So let’s get right into it. I grew up with these programs of, and let me know if you can resonate with this in the comments, I have to be perfect to be loved. And like that just brings like … I just feel this heavy weight. Even when I say that, it’s so gnarly. Like nobody can live up to those standards. So if you resonate with that and you’ve had a similar program, I’d love to know in the comments, I need to be perfect or I won’t be loved, or I’d love to hear one of the limiting beliefs that you have that’s preventing you from having the body of your dreams.

Because once we share them all together, it’s like, Oh my God, you have that too. So this was just a thing. I learned from the women in my family. Like if you’re not fucking perfect, if you’re not skinny, no man’s ever going to love you. And so I grew up … My family had this crazy food energy like on Thanksgiving and Easter and stuff when the food came out would just be like, “Ooh.” Like everyone just had crazy energy. One Easter I ate so many … I ate 19 deviled eggs that I was laying on the couch like Ooh. And I had to go to work and I couldn’t even eat dinner. And like that was just normal. Everyone’s like, “Oh Lani ate herself sick, who’s going to do it next time?” So I had … I was afraid of food, I had a fear based relationship with food because I didn’t know and I wasn’t ready to take responsibility for this is my problem.

I was like, “It’s food, it’s food, it’s my metabolism. I just wasn’t born with an amazing body.” I remember being 18 and we were going to the river, it was some hoochies and my friend was wearing a G string and I was like, “Oh, well I can’t wear that because I’m fat.” So obviously if I’m 18 and I’m fat, life is just going to go downhill. And I used to hear like, “Oh when you’re 30 your metabolism slows down.” Like all my cousins would be like, “Oh you’re going to get fat when you’re 30.” Or you going to get even fatter when you’re 35, oh wait until your 40s. So we had all of these excuses of we just gained weight when we’re older. And so that’s what happened to everyone in my family. Just have you know, I’m 39 in a couple months and I have never been stronger.

I have never had more energy and I’ve never had more confidence, bug, or felt more sexy. And if you put me next to a Victoria’s Secret model, I mean I feel like I will hold. I’m like, “Yeah.” Because this is how I feel. I fucking feel it. Maybe that’s not the reality, but I believe it and I feel it, and in that sense I just literally use the law of attraction by focusing on my own self worth and my beliefs, not food. Not what my family says and their stories about food, not the crazy energy that we need to be perfect on Instagram. When I focused on my own self worth, I started using the law of attraction from love and abundance. And instead of being in such scarcity and like there’s not enough, I was like, “I can just stop eating when I’m full.”

And there’s more than enough. I mean, the scarcity came out everywhere, but I was obsessed with it for my body because I had this horrible belief that if I am not perfect, I won’t be loved. So I struggled a lot and I really, really use that as an excuse. Like obviously if I was prettier, I’d be married. Obviously if my body was better, I’d be married and I thought that a perfect body would give me the happiness. But then I would meet women who had perfect bodies and I’m like, “Dude, your body is legit perfect.” And they were so fucking insecure. So that sort of triggering something in my brain when I was like, “Oh my God, I just met a woman with the perfect body. She’s super insecure, she’s single and she’s poor.” So that’s not the answer. What?

Like I just literally thought that was the answer. So what I’m going to tell you today is everything is based on a vibration and everything is based on energy. And I don’t have this amazing body because I was born like this. I struggled with weight and starving myself and binging. I used gnarly diet pills like I would take … I mean, fuck, when I was living in Bali, I would find these caffeine pills and shit’s not regulated. Like just so I wouldn’t eat and there was so caffeinated that I couldn’t sleep at night. Like I was a crazy pants. Like I literally was so separated from the problem. The problem was that I was punishing myself. I didn’t believe that I was worthy of feeling peace and love and super confident and having this incredible … Like it’s a healthy, it’s energy, it’s vibrance.

I don’t wake up in the morning and I’m like, “Oh, I’m skinny.” I’m like, “I am fucking strong. Like I am healthy, I am energetic.” I mean, these are … Like dude, J Lo and Shakira at the Superbowl, like no longer are we grandmas at 50 or 40 and like can’t be sexy and like, “Oh God, don’t have energy.” It’s like, “Bitch, I’m just getting younger and more excited.” Like more, yeah, more excited about my life and more energized. And I just had this realization the other day. So because I was always in scarcity and there wasn’t enough, if there was extra food around, I would eat it because I was like, “There’s not enough and I’m like so poor and like …” Like I would just eat food all the time. So I remember we’d go get a burrito and my sister would take two bites and put it in the fridge and I’d just be like, “How did she do that? How can you possibly have two bites? Like why are you stopping?”

I would go like steal her food and do weird shit. And I literally used to steal food when I was like eight from the liquor store. I would put freaking ice creams down my pants. True story. So the other day, Chris, my partner’s like, “You have three different leftovers in the fridge.” I was like, “Imagine that.” I thought there was no way that I ever could leave food because you, you eat it all. There’s no such thing as full. I used to say, “I don’t have a full button.” That’s not fucking true. I was out of my body. When we are full, we are like … Your body knows when you’re full, like it hurts. I would never ever like binge and get super overweight again because it would hurt. I don’t hurt my body. My body is my temple.

So when we actually take a moment to pause and we don’t use the food, it’s like, well what’s the lie you’re telling yourself about why you don’t deserve to have the body of your dreams? Because everything is a vibration and everything is energy. And so it’s not that you don’t deserve the body of your dreams. It’s not that your metabolism is horrible or you have a harder time losing weight or you love food more than anyone. I love food just as much as the fucking next person, but what is the lie? What is the excuse? What is the broken belief that you learnt from your parents about self-punishment? Like there’s obviously something going on where it’s like, because we’re all on the law of attraction, We are all able to manifest from a vibration. Your manifesting skills aren’t broken. You’re just manifesting from a place of unworthiness and scarcity.

So I’m going to leave you with this. Bring that into the darkness. Really, really observe. Get real curious like a scientist. Like why am I punishing myself? Why can’t I just stop fucking eating? Why do I have to leave my body and disconnect and use this as a coping mechanism? Because food isn’t the problem. This is just the coping mechanism that you’re using. And who would I be if I believed I was worthy of having the body of my dreams and the energy of my dreams and feeling so fucking beautiful and believing that I am sexy. Because if I can do it, anyone can do it. And sure as shit, it’s not about the food. And it’s not because you don’t deserve it. It’s because you believe that you don’t deserve it. We’re just manifesting off of a vibration. Your manifesting skills aren’t broken. It’s not like that shit’s turned off. We have the manifesting machine on. If you’re breathing, your manifesting machine is on. You have a soul and you are on the law of attraction, right? You are on a vibration.

So instead of focusing on the symptoms, we have to get to the root of it and shift that root belief. So if you’re like, “Damn girl, you’re speaking my language.” And I am a can woman. So I believe that any woman can do this because I’ve done it. To me it’s like, “Oh Lani, are you sure I can ride a bike?” I’m like, “Yeah, bitch, I ride one every fucking day. It’s a cinch.” So if you need more, you’ve got to come to my live workshop. It’s freaking bomb, mind blowing, and amazing, and I’m going even deeper into how to manifest and have everything you want. The link is in the description, so just click that and sign up ASAP. Don’t forget to subscribe and like the video if you didn’t even though I asked you at the beginning and if you need more on manifesting, you definitely have to watch my video here on how to manifest your soulmate and my next manifesting video here on how to manifest your dream job. Thanks for listening. I’ll see you soon.