I manifested my dream job | law of attraction success story / Find out how I used the law of attraction to manifest my dream job For years I worked jobs that didn’t fulfil me.

So I decided to take action and use the Law of Attraction to Manifest a job I loved.

I want to use my success story of manifesting for you to also use the law of attraction so you can manifest your dream job too.


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Video Transcription

In this video, I’m going to talk about how I manifested my dream job using the law of attraction. It’s bomb. But first, don’t forget to subscribe, hit the bell icon so you can get notified every Tuesday and Thursday when I release epic videos. And I know you haven’t started watching the video yet, but it would be so amazing if you could hit the like button already because it helps so much with my channel and it’s going to be an incredible video.

So before we get into it, I’m Lani and if you’re new to my channel, I’ve helped thousands of women all over the world manifest their dream lives. And this includes their dream job. This includes their partners. We don’t have to give and take sis, we can have it all. So today, I’m going to share with you how I manifested my dream job. And it’s so amazing because literally two years ago my partner and I couldn’t even afford chocolate covered almonds when we went to the movies.

And one of my clients is like, “That’s so specific.” I was like, “Yeah because I was fucking pissed.” Because he went to the movies and it’s like, dude, a girl is so broke. I’m 36 years old and I can’t even afford treats for the movies. And I made a promise in that movie theater and I was like, “One day, I’m going to be able to buy all the chocolate almonds that I want.” So now that’s so hilarious because if that’s my gauge of being rich and amazing. But anyways it is. So I’m rich as fuck. I can afford all the chocolate almonds that I could ever want.

Now I’ll tell you about the first thing that I did to move into the process and move into the journey of manifesting my dream job because I don’t know about you, but I grew up with these broken beliefs of you’re just born lucky. Your family. You born into a family business or you have money. So you go to an amazing university. And I really always had this chip on my shoulder. I grew up super poor. We were on welfare. I actually am the only one of my siblings who’s gone to university and my mom was the only one in her family that went.

So we never were dreaming big. It was like, let’s just survive. Working is miserable and hard. I learned that being successful is exhausting. I learned that men can have their dream jobs and make money, but they’re going to be exhausted. I always used to picture the old man and the tie with a big belly, like a really unhealthy person. And so that was my vision and that’s like what the story that I had of being successful.

So when I was 36, I was feeling really burnt out. I was feeling super flat. I felt like my batteries were low. Like I was heavy, physically overweight. I was just lethargic, I was drinking, I was so in my fucking head, I was so desperate for approval and I loved what I did. I actually had was running a clothing boutique. I owned it. So I loved fashion and I loved what I was doing, but I was super unfulfilled and unhappy.

So I’ll get back to that point later. Remember that one. But Oh my God, I had so many jobs. I would love to know a… Let’s do a side take. What’s the craziest job that you’ve ever had? I would love to have you put that in the comments and then I’d love to hear what your dream job is. So I did, like as most entrepreneurs, I was bouncing because that was like, “Oh it’s obviously the jobs problem. It’s not my problem.”

So I sold flooring for this huge corporate flooring company. I waitressed. I worked retail. I sold stocks like the boiler room for three months that I bought my ticket to Bali with the $700 check that I made from selling stocks. So my boyfriend’s like, “You did splits on table.” But I didn’t get paid for that one. That was just fun. So I literally bounced like… My friend was always like, “Dude, no one can say the economy’s bad. You’ve had 50 jobs.” I’m like, “I know.”

This was right when the economy took a big shit. And I was just moving around from job to job to job. So I decided I was going to break a rule and I was like, “Hmm, well I’m not having fun. I think life should be fun. Nothing I’m doing is fun. I’m super stressed out and miserable. I’m going to do something crazy for my soul that I can get away with while I’m young. I’m going to move to Bali and teach yoga for a living. That’s crazy. I love the sun. I love the Island life. So I’m just going to go for it.”

So the first thing that we have to do is figure out where we are holding ourselves back. What rules are we following. I need to work a nine to five. Why? Do you love doing that? Why are we doing the things we’re doing? Because we should? Because that’s crazy talk. So I decided to break some rules. Now, what really was amazing was we always love to focus on symptoms. I used to say, it’s the job’s fault, it’s the job’s fault. It’s not my fault.

And what I realized when I actually did the deep work and got to the root of it was the reason I was not living in my dream job and I was using the law of attraction but from fear and scarcity was because I didn’t believe that I was worthy of having fun, of making money, of helping people, of living in my passion and I didn’t believe I was worthy of getting paid to be myself. So when I hear a woman say like, “Oh, you can’t. How can I possibly make money from art?” Or like, “You can’t make money from doing this.” I’m like, okay, you can make money from doing anything because money is just energy and when you are sharing kindness and when you are teaching something valuable and when we’re getting results too.

Two years ago I was like, “Oh, as if I could possibly be a coach and [inaudible 00:05:33]. Spiritual people are supposed to be calm and and not wild and like how could I possibly dance in my bikini and being myself.” I was trying to make it really miserable. I was like, “Oh, I can’t possibly do everything that I want to do and get paid for it.” So the game changer for me was literally getting to the root of it and clearing out all of the I’m not worthy because it doesn’t matter what you have or what other people think about you.

If you feel unfulfilled, if I dropped your dream job in your lap right now, you would be happy for like two seconds because it’d be the initial external hit and then tomorrow, all of your same problems and your same fears and your same I’m not enough’s are going to come back up. So what I realized was I’ve basically been living my dream job my whole life. I had been working with people and helping. But because my standards were so low and because I had no self worth and because based on the law of attraction, what I was just attracting with scarcity was I was undercharging, I was overworking, I was feeling super resentful and I wasn’t having fun.

So it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it matters how you feel about what you’re doing. And that is the game changer. So I taught yoga for a while in Bali and I had of course another up level because if we’re not growing, we’re dying. So There was a time where I was just like, I hit a point where I was like, “I am teaching yoga. I’m just a yoga teacher. Spiritual people are broke. How can I get paid for everything I love?” And I hit under, “I’m just a yoga teacher.” So I hear a lot of women, “Oh, I just am a teacher,” or, “Oh, I’m just a hairstylist,” or “Oh, I’m just this, I can’t get paid.”

And I’m like, “Well, what can you do right now to get yourself closer to that dream job? What if there were no rules? What if you fully believed in yourself and knew that you were abundant and incredible and amazing and you deserve to have it all? Like what would you be doing right now then? What’s that first step you would take? Or even how would you walk into the freaking room?” Because we are working on energy. You don’t go to your favorite boutique, you go there because the people are awesome. With your coffee place. You go there because the people are awesome.

We go to places and we’re attracted to things because of the vibration and because of the energy. And so if you’re all low E or energy, it’s like, would you even want to hang out with yourself? Then of course we can’t build off this abundance. It’s impossible to build off abundance when we don’t think we’re worthy of it.

So I had to fully bust through my own scarcity shit. Like, dude, of course the ego comes in. It’s like you’re not worthy. You can’t get paid for this. You can’t be yourself. How dare you want more? You already have too much. And I just kept doing the work to raise my standards, to raise my boundaries and to work on myself because my dream job is a reflection of my vibration and how I feel about myself. And today, I’ll be 39 in a few months and so this is something I never thought was possible.

The abundance that I am living. It’s funny. I’m like, I forget I’m rich all the time. I told my girls that, I’m like, “I forget I’m rich a lot because for 36 years, my story was, I am poor, I am broke. I can’t get paid for what I do. Life is hard. Success is miserable. Only men can have that.” And so shifting that paradigm is mind blowing. So I’m living with my soulmate. We have our dream business. I’m a coach. I get to share this truth. I get to have fun. I do it on my terms. I work when I want. I rest when I want. Of course, I’m all in because I have the goal of helping a million women by 2020. And the more authentic I am and the more kind I am, the more energy and the farther it spreads and then the greater our results are.

So you bet you’re fucking awesome. I’m getting paid and working my dream job because I am embodied, because I am kind, because I’m sharing truths and because every day I’m working on my self worth. That means I’m always bringing value. I don’t step into a room and be like, “What can I get from them in them? And it’s about the money.” I step into a room and I’m like, “How can I inspire this woman to fully embrace her potential and rise up and let that bullshit story of fear and scarcity and being poor and deserving dog shit. How can I teach her to let that go fast?”

I got goosebumps. That is how I’m living my dream job because it’s about how I feel and I feel amazing. I am passionate and you bet your ass it is a trip, but we don’t think we can get paid for being ourselves and we don’t believe we deserve having a dream job and the majority of the people are walking around hiding and afraid to be themselves. So you want to have your dream job.

I’m so excited to see what you wrote in the comments. Girlfriend. It starts with you. It starts with your self worth because if you don’t believe you’re worthy of it, you will never ever have it.

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