Healthy competition is amazing… that’s not this.

It’s when your whole world revolves around never messing up and perfectionism.

It’s so damn stressful.

It’s like a knuckle sandwich and diarrhea pains all the day long haha.

Over-thinking….Remembering every bad thing you’ve ever done…. Believing the more you worry the more you’re helping.

Truly letting go of perfectionism freed my soul.

There literally isn’t 1 perfect human in this World. TF I’m gonna punish myself for not being perfect.

I wasted so much energy trying to be perfect. Energy I could have used to move toward my goals. To learn & get stronger. To be a better human and help others.

I got stomach aches starting at the age of 5 years old because I was so nervous!

This shit ran deep.

I’d accomplished so much and I never felt like it was good enough.

I literally believed I was not awesome. I put up a front because I was the “strong” one.

But inside I was super worried and my body was always telling me to slow the fuck down.

From all the reps I’d put in I was actually wired to get busier and worry more.

Everyone is waiting for the big boom. Waiting for 1 thing to happen and then I’ll feel better.

The truth is we get to choose to let shit go right now. We get to choose to feel happy right now.

We make the decision over and over to use the framework that rewires our belief system.

I think it’s the best of both worlds. When I’m in my body I feel happy on Day 1 in the first freaking moment.

I can feel peaceful energy now. The more I practice, the more this bomb ass energy becomes my vibe, my mood, and eventually my personality.

Win Win.

What’s the best thing that can happen if you don’t change?

What’s the best thing that can happen if you do change?

I’ll leave that up to you.

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