Today I’m talking about why we have anxiety, why we get stuck in this anxious, negative mindset, and how to overcome it.

The mind is so freaking tricky it can spin any story and make you a victim and them a perpetrator.

Our purpose isn’t to be numb beings walking around like zombies. We are human and we will always have the rainbow of human emotions.

The magic is owning that you are in control of the “voice.”

Just before I filmed this I got a bit grumpy. I’d worked all morning, I had shit tons to do, I started listening to my ego and I felt agitated.

However, I can recognize it instantly and from their the only question is…

“How long do I want to feel like an asshole?”

Because getting out of the negative feedback loop is my choice.

I know that the longer I stay in the horrible negative feedback loop the more energy I need to disrupt it and get out.

You see the mind shoots off the fear of not being good enough and the body does its job which is firing the fight or flight response.

Not being enough triggers a fear of death. How gnarly is that?

But instead of being in a life or death physical situation, we are reacting to a thought.

When we’re in the negative feedback loop we only seek out evidence that matches the thought.

Think of the ego as the best defence lawyer in the Universe. It’s only job is to defend it’s right to suffer and it will go to any extreme to prove its point, even make up shit that’s not there.

We must interrupt the pattern to stop the negative momentum. One of my favourite ways is dancing!

Today I’m inspiring you to observe where you’ve been collecting BS evidence to defend your ego and add negative momentum to your loop.

The moment you realize this, interrupt your pattern.

Your funwork this week is singing and dancing yewwwww.