Feminine Energy Characteristics Needed To Wake Up Feeling Excited / Find out what my top 3 Feminine Energy Characteristics you need to wake up every day feeling excited.

The top 3 feminine energy characteristics you need to wake up feeling energized, so you no longer wake up feeling tired and overwhelmed.

The first feminine energy characteristic you need to wake up feeling enerzised and excited is to EMBODY! By being embodied you will become connected to your queen, feminine energy.

It’s impossible to wake up with feminine energy, if you aren’t embodied.

Sleeping 20 hours a day isn’t going to help.

The second feminine energy characteristic you need to wake up excited is to LET GO OF THE PERFECTIONISM. Let go of the fear of rejection and the fear of failing.

To wake up feeling energized and excited, you need to let go of this impossible standard.

And the final feminine energy characteristic you need to wake up feeling excited and energized is to reprogram your mind from Worst case scenario to BEST case scenario.

By doing this top 3 feminine energy characteristics, you will wake up excited, energized and in your feminine energy.

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Video Transcription

In this video, I’m going to teach you the feminine energy characteristics you need to wake up feeling energized. But first, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that little bell icon so you know every time I release a frigging mind blowing video on how to connect to your divine feminine energy.

All right, let’s get right into it. So in this video, I’m going to share with you the top three characteristics you need to be in your feminine energy and finally wake up energized. So the biggest complaints I hear are, I am already overwhelmed and exhausted in the morning. So my top three, I’m so pumped to share with you. These have been the game changer. I literally used to be so tired, I couldn’t even do the shit that I wanted to do. So let’s get right into it.

The first characteristic you need, the first feminine energy characteristic you need to wake up feeling energized is you’ve got to be embodied. You cannot be in your head and wake up energized. I have never met a depressed woman that’s like, “Yeah, let’s go run a marathon!” It just doesn’t fucking happen. I’m sure you’ve never met that either. And you know that my ass is never going to show up and be like Eeyore like, “Oh, I’m so tired.” It’s not going to happen.

I just got goosebumps already. Either we are in our head or we’re in our body. It doesn’t have anything to do with, “Oh, I’m not good enough or I have to be perfect.” It’s just either we are present, so I can hear the noises around me. I can see the beautiful green trees around me, I can feel my fingers, I can feel my toes. I am fully embodied and present in my queen energy and I’m not in my head because as soon as I go to my head, it’s like all of your beautiful energy is sucked dry, sucked out. The way that I like to think of it is say you have a certain amount of energy for the day and why would you waste it worrying about shit that you can’t control, that you can’t change and that you don’t have? It’s like, dude.

So when we’re in our head, it’s impossible to wake up with energy, not going to happen, never going to happen. In one of my free life workshops, this woman was … I was like, “Who’s overwhelmed and exhausted? And this woman was like, “I just slept for 11 hours and I’m exhausted.” I’m like, “Thank you.” So it’s not even sleep. You can sleep 20 hours a day, but if you’re all up in your head, not going to work. Okay.

So the second characteristic you need, the second characteristic of feminine energy that you need to fully wake up energized is you have to fucking let go of the perfectionism. Full goosebumps. Because this was me, I was the biggest perfectionist ever, and it was like I always, I thought I always wanted to be right. If anybody gave me any feedback, I’d be a bitch. I lose my mind. And so my gauge was like, “I can’t hear rejected. I can’t fail.” And guess what? You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. We’re never going to be perfect in the sense of doing everything right perfectly the first time without needing any feedback. Jesus Christ, I fully seek out groups and places and gyms and coaches where I’m the underdog because I don’t want to be the most experienced, smartest person in the room. I always am looking for how to learn. And it’s impossible to learn when we take any kind of feedback as, “Oh, I’m not good enough and I failed and I’ve had rejection.”

So the second trait that you need is letting freaking go of that perfectionism, letting go of the fear of rejection and letting go of the fear of failing. It’s impossible to wake up with energy if your gauge is something that is impossible that no human has ever reached that point of perfect and you will never reach it. You can not wake up energized while you have an impossible standard for what you need to be to feel good enough.

And the third characteristic you need is reprogramming your mind from worst case scenario to best case scenario. So I mentioned in step one that picture it as you have a certain amount of energy for the day. So I know that if I’m walking into my day, I’m like it will be impossible for me to wake up energized if I am focusing on worst case scenario. So I’m walking in a room and I’m like, “Oh, okay, well this can go wrong.” Or I come up with a new business idea and I’m like, “Oh, here’s all the reasons why it won’t work.” And I’m thinking of something to share with clients or post and I’m like, “Oh, well this is all the people that can … these are all the main things that can be said.”

It’s so draining on our energy. So the way that I picture it is I’m in a room by myself, but my ego is just seeing all these dragons and monsters and zombies and I’m just fighting it for my life. And it’s like, “Dude, of course you’re exhausted at the end of the day, but who did you fight?” Who was in the room? Because these are all projections of your mind and it’s not because you’re not good enough. Oh my gosh, I can’t stress this enough. For so long I was like, “Oh great, I’m a fucking idiot. It must be because I’m not good enough, obviously I’m not worth it. Obviously I was just not born with this ability to be able to be grateful and be positive.”

And it is a muscle. Everything that I’m teaching, all of these three characteristics are traits that need … rather skills that need to be learned. Skills. It is not like a shoe size. It’s not like, “Oh, sorry sis, you were born without the ability to embody.” Or like, “Hmm, yeah, let it go. You’re the one perfectionist in the world who truly can’t change.” Or like, “Oh yeah, just like, don’t even try. Your brain’s just wired for negativity and worst case scenario.” No, these are choices. It’s like, “Do you want to learn Spanish? Well, are you expecting to get a magic pill?” And then you’re going to be just always going to be fluent in Spanish, not going to happen.

So for me, I’m going to ask you this question, girlfriend, I’d like to know in the comments, what can you do when you have enough energy? Just like to know. Just hit me up in the comments. So it’s like, “Okay, Melanie wants to know if I have enough energy, I have access to enough energy, have access to all my energy. I’m not dumping it down the drain, my precious vitality in the mornings. What can I do?”

So I’m going to let you in on what I couldn’t do when I didn’t have any energy. I lived in Bali for a really long time. I learned how to surf when I was there. It’s free. I love hot weather. I’m so into sweating all the time and just being all greasy. So the water is warm and beautiful and green. And I could go for these sunrise sessions where the sun would be rising and I could see the reef and the most beautiful, exotic, incredible, gorgeous, heavenly fish, groups of fishes that I’ve ever seen before. It was amazing. And when I didn’t have enough energy because I wasn’t in my body because I was totally afraid of rejection and not being good enough and a full perfectionist. And because I was wired for worst case scenario instead of best case scenario, I didn’t even have enough energy to do the shit that I liked. I didn’t surf. I would go six months without surfing and it’s freaking free.

I taught yoga, but I was so exhausted I can’t do my own practice or meditate. I didn’t even go for walks. I could not even do the things that I loved. So of course it takes energy to learn a new skill. But the way I like to describe it is, well, no one’s saying you’re not good enough and no one’s saying you’re wrong. I’m just saying that your approach, that your strategies, they’re not working right now because you don’t feel the way you want to feel. If you’re not waking up energized, which who the F would not want to wake up energized? It’s like, to me it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Every morning I’m so grateful that I’m not shitting my energy down the drain anymore, that I get to access all this incredible love and compassion and it’s just amazing. I’m so grateful for it.

So if you don’t have the energy to do the shit that you love, of course you don’t have any energy to train and show up every day and be committed to learn these new skills. And I love it when people are like, “Oh, you don’t have enough time.” I’m like, “Oh, okay. So what?” It takes so much time to be happy and wake up energized and be able to do anything and have access to all of your energy and do everything that you want to do and then have extra energy to learn how to do new epic things that make you feel incredible and amazing. It’s not exhausting to be happy. It’s exhausting to be miserable, overwhelmed, insecure and exhausted.

It’s exhausting being exhausted, but it is awesome to wake up with energy. So for me, I don’t care if somebody told me that I needed to like study for 50 years, 10 hours a day. I was so low and so miserable and so unhappy I would have done it. But the truth is with a little bit of discipline and some commitment and just showing up every day, you learn these new skills and they become the game changers. And because it’s like a muscle that’s they get stronger every single day. So my default setting is like, “Hell yeah, I wake up with energy. Dude, this is freaking awesome. This is freaking amazing.”

If you’re like, “Damn girl, I’m waking up overwhelmed and exhausted and I definitely need to wake up with energy. How the F do you do this? Tell me more.” I have a free workshop. It’s online so you can be anywhere in the world. It is amazing. I get the most incredible feedback. We connect and just share energy because that’s my thing with the most beautiful women. It’s Epic, mind blowing, going to totally change the game for you and give you a whole bunch of nuggets. It’s live with me so I actually get to guide you and observe you and answer your questions. And we laugh when we have a lot of fun. We dance a little bit too.

So you got to come to that. The link is just in the description below. Make sure you click that. Sign up for my free workshop. It’s super bad ass. And of course, do not forget to like this video and subscribe because, sis, you know I’m bringing it every week. Let’s freaking wake up energized, excited, and so bad ass. Yew!!