If you suffer from the dreaded emotional ups and downs say, “Yes”.

Oh my gawd I spent years on an emotional rollercoaster, I’d get so high and just as fast drop so low.

I was a drama queen but I seriously believed it was not my fault because I was a victim of circumstance.

When we’re low we have no energy and it’s impossible to do epic shit with 100% commitment and laser focus.

I hear so many women tell me how busy they are and how exhausting their life is, yet when I asked how fulfilled they are they tell me…

“Oh 80% of the time I’m fulfilled.”

I have no idea what system they’re using to measure their happiness but in reality being fulfilled 80% of the time is the only way you can claim to be fulfilled 80% of the time.

Catch my drift?

Emotional ups and downs are the killer of your growth. It takes massive amounts of energy to rebuild and create momentum from a negative.

If we’re not growing we’re dying and rebuilding the same bloody wall over and over is definitely not growth.

For us givers we’re so unbalanced when it comes to how we cherish our loved ones versus how we cherish ourselves.

I spent years self harming, spreading negative, toxic, hurtful, insecure energy yet when I got real with myself and was brutally honest the truth was not that I was a helpless victim.

The truth was my negative energy was hurting every one around me and my horrible ups and downs were not just part of life.

They were my drama addicted ego looking for any way of out going within and acknowledging that I was the problem.

My inspiration for you is to go deeper than the ego drama.

Get clear on when you flush your energy down the toilet and how quickly you can choose to embody, and shift into the love frequency.