3 ways to increase your feminine energy to become happy / Discover my top 3 tips for increasing your feminine energy so you can be happier.

In this video you will learn how to become more happy by increasing your feminine energy.

Once I discovered these 3 steps, my feminine energy increased and I became so much happier in my life.

So, let’s go… follow these 3 ways to increase your feminine energy and become happy.


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Video Transcription

Hello. In this video I’m going to share with you three ways to increase your feminine energy. Before we get started, don’t forget to subscribe, hit the bell icon so you get notified every time I release a fucking epic video. And let’s just go ahead and like the video now because you know it’s going to be bombed.

So I’m talking about three ways, my three top favorite, most potent epic ways to increase your feminine energy, and here’s why. There is a huge epidemic of women who are sick, exhausted, overwhelmed. Autoimmune. I’m meeting 20-year-olds with autoimmune disease, 60-year-olds who are like, “What is the point of living? I’m so overwhelmed and exhausted.” And we’re women, it’s our super power. It’s not like this is why we’re weak. So connecting to our feminine and increasing our feminine energy, it’s a muscle. It’s not like, “Okay, I’ve reached the finish line.” We actually get to strengthen it. That’s like saying like, “I’ve had enough love. I’m good.” Not going to happen. So let’s get right into it. This is my favorite thing to talk about. You’re going to feel incredible. Get your note pad out bitch, because I’m going to share my favorite ways.

So the first way to increase your feminine energy is in the morning, no phones. So we’re not going on our phone first thing in the morning. The first thing in the morning is we are embodying and getting into our body. And the fastest, easiest way to do that is to dance. So you’ll see if you follow me on any socials, I am dancing all the time because it’s the fastest way to disrupt that pattern. It’s the most powerful, potent way to increase my feminine energy. And in the comments below, I want you to tell me what your favorite song is to dance to because you’re not five. It’s not like, “Oh, Lonnie’s going to tell me what to dance.” You know what song lights your soul on fire, gives you goosebumps, makes your nipples hard. And I love hearing this because A, I love to increase my playlist and B, it’s so cute.

So I have a client in Europe and her song is Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine. I have a client who’s in Australia and her song is Eye of the Tiger. It’s so cute. And so I just love hearing it. But it’s like the song gives you that feeling, the song is what disrupts that negative pattern and moving your body and dancing is what increases your feminine energy.

And so when we are in our feminine and as this muscle gets stronger, we have more patience. We don’t take shit personal, someone else being mean because they don’t love themselves. If we don’t have a strong feminine energy muscle, if we’re not connected to our feminine, that could ruin the whole day. It’s like, “Oh my God, what did I do? I’m worthless. I’m no good at that.” But when we have this really strong muscle, it’s like, “Okay, that’s cool. I’m going to stay in my body, I’m going to share love because it’s who I am.” So I’m dying to know what song lights your fire. Can’t wait to hear.

So the second way to increase your feminine energy is by speaking your truth. And the best way to do that because everything is a muscle is to sing. And if you’re like, “Singing is really fucking uncomfortable. I don’t make a peep, I’m the one that’s like, ‘Oh, look at the good girl who doesn’t ever say anything, and doesn’t ruffle any feathers, and doesn’t offend anybody.'” Or if your voice is super horse because you’re yelling and controlling and you always have to be right, then we can start with humming. So babies make these really beautiful cooing sounds and I taught yoga for years. And so there’s just this really beautiful vibration that happens when we hum. But the intention is to be strong as fuck and it increase your feminine energy, because when we swallow our truth and when we say yes, when we mean no, and when we say mean things and put this negative vibration out, everything is just coming right back to us.

So the whole intention is if I want love, I share love. And when I want to attract this really beautiful vibration and this partner that is totally embodied, then I must be embodied, right? We can’t say I want something that I’m not willing to do. So eventually we’ll get up to singing. I am singing, I am jamming now. It is one of the fastest ways to disrupt. I totally do my rituals in the morning and before I film and before I do healing sessions or anything, because if I’m not embodied, then I can’t help someone. If I am not connected to my feminine, if I’m in my mind, “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy. Oh, do they like me?” Then there’s no way for me to offer this really loving vibration. I’m not saving anybody and I don’t even say holding space because I’m not piggy-backing 50 people or 100 people on my back. I just am. It’s light. It’s just this really beautiful energy.

And that takes me into my third way to increase our feminine energy. And that is to not be attached. And this one is the game changer and everyone’s looking for this overnight success. They go, “Okay, so give me the magic pill. Oh, obviously it must be easier for you Lonnie, because you don’t know how hard my life is and you don’t know…” Whatever the excuse is, money, my family, my child, and my partner, and I do know. I get it. First of all, I was suicidal at my rock bottom, so I totally understand what it’s like to feel really overwhelmed and have a whole bunch of problems and feel afraid. But what I’m telling you is it is a muscle.

So if you practice today, you take onboard what I’m saying, you’re like, “Damn, I’m not happy. I’m super overwhelmed. I’m stuck in my head. I have no energy, no movement.” Right? So that’s what comes in from step one, that dance. “I’m completely blocked off from Yoni. I feel super uncomfortable talking about my sexual energy.” Then it’s just a muscle. You would never expect to be able to run a marathon if you went outside for a 10 minute walk. Like, “Oh, I did a 10 minute walk. I’m going to be able to run a marathon tomorrow.” It’s not going to happen.

So letting go of the attachment. We’re not here to be perfect. That’s not what we get rewarded for. But we get to train. And that’s a really beautiful part because it’s like, if you can’t do three pushups, you can’t do 500. So how about we start with a three and then when you go to the 10 and then the 50 and then the 100. And increasing our feminine energy is the same way. So don’t separate that and be like, “Oh, just because it’s spiritual and I can’t see my muscle growing or measure my body fat that I’m not training it.” It’s like maybe when you start this, when you take my three steps, maybe for five minutes a day, you’ll totally be increasing your feminine energy and you’ll feel grounded and strong and vulnerable and beautiful and sexy and connected. And then maybe the rest of the day you’re just in your fucking head and you are taking shit personal. And so the intention is you’re not failing. It’s not because you’re not good enough. So tomorrow let’s do six minutes because it’s a muscle.

So I don’t do these videos because I need you to like me or I’m trying to be famous overnight or I want this approval. I don’t have that attachment. Now, I’m human and I have an ego, so I get these thoughts, “What if they don’t like me?” And I’m like, “That’s not true.” So I just use the steps that I’m sharing with you. And in order to actually share love and be in my feminine energy, I can’t have an agenda. It’s not like, “Oh, I’ll trust and I’ll be in my feminine when everybody likes me and everything goes perfect.” So the very act of controlling, it’s like we’re strangling something to try and get them to love us. And that’s not how we get anybody to… That is very, very scary. That is controlling and that is the exact opposite of being in our feminine.

So in order to increase our feminine energy, it’s so counterintuitive, but we trust, we let go of the attachment. It’s like I don’t have a golden certificate from the universe that everybody’s going to love me and that I’m going to be perfect. And that’s okay. I’m willing to be all in, 100% in and totally vulnerable. It is scary. The unknown is uncomfortable. It’s always new. And I know that when it’s hard, it’s because I’m growing and I’m not attached. So I am in my feminine. I’m choosing to show up. I’m choosing to strengthen my muscle and I’m not saying, “Show me the future. I’m only going to be nice if you can prove that people are going to be nice to me,” because that’s not what a queen does. That’s being totally disconnected from our feminine.

So I don’t go into things that are like, “Oh, I’m going to do this so I can get that.” I’m not attached. Right? It’s not about me. I’m here to connect to source and share love and teach this magic, because I once was so low and I thought a happy life just isn’t for me and I have actually just become a product of my habits and my belief. So those are the three ways to increase your feminine energy. These changed my life. They’re a game changer. I can’t freaking wait for you to try.

Now, if you totally dig this and you’re like, “Lonnie, I’m so disconnected from my feminine. I really need more on this.” then you definitely have to come to my free online workshop. It’s bomb. It’s amazing. I go way deeper. It’s awesome because it’s live, so we get to totally converse. And what you’re going to get out of this, I mean, will be life-changing. So just click the link in the description and you can sign up for that as soon as possible. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you so much for watching this video and I’ll see you soon.