Unleash your super power

You have an incredible gift. This is your “specialty”. This is why your clients are drawn to YOU!. When you have clarity and hone in on exactly what you are EPIC at, everything flows with ease.

It’s so fun, and it’s not like the dreaded work stuff that piles up, is exhausting, daunting and physically, emotionally & spiritually draining. You leave that behind, the stagnant, uninspiring programs and the same income is a product of a disconnection from your true gifts. 

It's time to unleash your Super Power and level up your business and life.

1:1 VIP Coaching


My 8 month coaching program will take your business from a few thousand a month trickling in… to building a multimillionaire empire!

This program is for you if you need full on accountability, support and guidance. I am here for you at ALL times to guide you out of your old programming of over working, undercharging and trying to SAVE everyone.

You cannot save everyone and dear God you were never meant to. Right now your business is exhausting. You know your purpose but your programs are draining, you’re attracting clients that don’t do the work and then complain and then you feel guilty because they are not breaking through. You have these doubts and spend way to much time in your head. You have visions but don’t know how to clarify and you're just missing the mark. 

You have strategies and sales funnels, but you know there is deeper energy work and a shift needed in your DEEP rooted belief system in order for you to create the business of your dreams, make multi millions of dollars, change the world, and have FUN while doing it. 

Growing your business from your true power is an organic process that happens with ease, attracts the perfect clients at the perfect times, it’s not forced, exhausting and there are no huge crashes. No war zones, no burning out. You are operating from a powerless place right now and it’s killing you. Holding you back and you are an empty shell of a woman. 

This program is made for you if...

  • You are done attracting victims and are ready to attract clients that SHARE energy with you and are excited about doing the breakthrough work to heal
  • You are ready to take your business to 6 figures ++ per month
  • You know you were meant for so much more and you’re ready to take the leap and do the work to breakthrough your own sabotaging patterns… and instead use your energy to expand your business like wild fire
  • You know you thrive from constant loving support and accountability 
  • You have been avoiding the deep work that you know is the root cause for holding your business back… and you are FINALLY READY TO HAVE IT ALL
  • You want me to proofread posts, emails, and need tutorials on “lives” and how to speak to your dream clients and charge EXACTLY what you are worth
  • You are ready to stop the generic “business” modules and create programs, branding and a website that comes directly from your TRUE UNIQUE gifts. You are ready to SHINE
  • You’re ready to feel. No more shame, numbing or disconnection to yourself. You’re ready to connect to your true power source and excited to learn how to do next level meditations, which is directly connected to receiving Universal Abundance in your business, your life. And receiving it with joy.  

We achieve this transformation over my intensive 8 month personalised coaching. Where you receive 18 Private 1-2-1 coaching calls, along with 16 Group Coaching sessions.

Further more, you are provided access to my VIP Client only Facebook group, my weekly group chats and you get my personal support and guidance when you need it, via txt and email. 

I've got you girl! 

Elevate Your success Group Program


Enrolment currently OPEN

Ready to take your your business to the NEXT LEVEL?

You know your potential hasn’t even begun to come out financially or spiritually… and you have so much more to give! You are ready to help clients transform their lives! You feel stagnant and you know “It’s my time to go BOOM!”

You have strategies and sales funnels, however there is still something holding you back. There is still something keeping you stuck, preventing you from your TRUE BADASS ENTREPRENEUR SELF that is ready to change the world. 

This looks like not filling programs, attracting clients that are not truly ready to do the work to breakthrough. Not charging 5 & 6 figures for your valuable time even though you know your worth and are ready to be a GODDESS MULTIMILLIONAIRE with the freedom to travel and create incredible programs location free!

The programs you’ve done have not rocketed you to your full potential and truth in your business. It’s cool, we heal and grow in layers. You’ve been getting juiced up and are finally ready to go deep. You are ready to get a bit uncomfortable so that you can FINALLY heal the extremely old patterns that have kept you separated from your TRUE Power. You are an entrepreneur boss and GIRL… you deserve ALL of it! 

It is your time to shine! 

This program is for you if...

  • You are ready to fully step into your power as an Entrepreneur and leader
  • You have been under charging, over giving and you are ready to start making 5 and 6 figures per month
  • You know you’ve been holding back and have been disconnected from your gifts and you’re ready to step into the woman you were born to be
  • You have dreams to help people but you’ve been trying to save people and do the work for them which has back fired. Now you are ready to draw in clients that are fun, motivated, inspiring and willing to do the work to heal
  • You are ready to fully commit to your business without taking non soul clients just to pay the bills, without sacrificing your truths and without feeling drained and separated from your power. And instead get into the flow and grow your business into a beautiful empire with ease. 
  • You’re ready to step fully into who you are in your business through branding, posts, “lives” and your website
  • You’re finally ready to commit and learn to truly connect to your source of power through meditation. Which is directly connected to having it all and receiving an abundance in your business. 

This 6 month program provides you 7 Private 1-2-1 sessions with Lani and 12 Group Coaching Sessions along with access to my VIP Facebook group. Connecting you with women just like you, to support you on your journey. 

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Ready to unleash your Super Power? 

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