I grew up in Huntington Beach, California in the Orange County bubble. All the stereotypes, I’d say mostly true unfortunately.

I always knew I wanted to help people. I can remember visions younger than age 5 where I was helping giant groups of people by simply loving them.

My family was very poor. We lived in government housing and we were on welfare. My parents had 4 kids by the time they were 26 and my dad would leave for work before I woke, and get home after I was asleep. I learnt life is tough and the only way to survive was to work extremely hard. I learnt that being rich was only for those who already had money and only a man could create wealth from a poor background.

I’ve always known that I had a gift within. I had so much energy. I could soothe babies, help friends, and people that barely knew me always said how positive and radiating I was.

I moved to Bali in 2012 in search of my purpose. I had expertise in yoga and physical training. And I was ready for the cosmic blending of my Western Schooling and Eastern Spirituality.

I had an EPIC journey and that means I faced some extremely uncomfortable past patterns that continued to haunt me in the present. I did every type of bizarre healing training, ancestral healing, meditation courses, therapy, life coaching etc. I was like “BRING ON MORE HEALING! I WANT MORE!”

I was having breakthroughs… however they were not showing up financially or in my love life.

I kept searching.

I did some work that was beyond my present pain, yet my teachers hadn’t been able to guide me to the very root of my sabotaging patterns that I kept recreating.

This is a very dangerous space to be in. Open hearted with some extremely strong negative manifesting abilities.

Cue Rock Bottom. 

I created the most toxic, scary, relationship that threatened my life! I married an extremely abusive man, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It was the worst self sabotaging situation I created to date. I was broken. I had to lie and flee the country to get out of it.

I made my way back to Bali. To the beginning of where my healing journey began.

Something miraculous happens at rock bottom, if you embrace it.

I decided then and there I was not going to let this brokenness define me. I have a bigger purpose and I was prepared to BREAKTHROUGH every story to get there.

I was making $700 a month and barely squeaking by. I contemplated getting on a plane back to California, and to top it off, I was ALL alone.

Literally ALL of my worst fears, ALL at once. And, I still had one very painful secret I was hiding. The sexual abuse I endured as a child was desperate to be released. I faced it all. I felt it all. And to my surprise… I didn’t die. I only got stronger.

My greatest source of pain and the very part of me I was hiding… is actually my super power.

This is the only place where true healing occurs. I discovered the correlation between earning money and growing a business is directly connected to this root healing.

I teach women how to receive pure energy, pure love and mind blowing success.. 

It’s pretty ironic that ME, a poor Mexican American who was sexually abused as a child, went from one abusive relationship to the next, a divorcee, severe body dysmorphia, struggled to make rent for years, trying to save everyone whilst dying inside… I AM actually a Bad Ass Boss!

I AM truly in my power, a successful entrepreneur, life coach, energy healer, meditation guru, fully aligned with the Universe. I live in the greatest purpose and Cosmic connection with ease.

Today, I teach women how to receive PURE COSMIC LOVE. I guide women to their True power and living a life with ease and abundance financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

Everything I’ve gone through was my gift. It carved my Universal connection and was guiding me to the LIGHT all along. The events birthed my Super Power energy field.

GRATITUDE is an under statement. I Am in love with Life.

“She’s the REAL deal! Who’s intention is to guide us out of the voice of habitual fear, and into who We REALLY are, she reaches in and pulls out the shining Goddess self that is within all of us.”