‘I Am Bad Ass’ Podcast Episodes

I help coaches & visionaries who have become stale & stagnant to thrive, up level and reach their full potential in all areas of their life.

This creates physical pain, sickness, exhaustion, and chronic overwhelmed unfulfilled feelings.

Shit sleep, constant fear and worry, trying to save everyone, clients are draining, creativity is forced and miserable.

There is a huge amount of shame and guilt around your feminine and sexual energy. Blocked sexual and orgasmic energy equals blocked creative energy.

Through my program you'll learn how to:

  • Connect to Source on every level

  • Reprogram subconscious unworthy beliefs into limitless self love beliefs, immediately healing physical manifestations

  • Connect to your Divine Feminine sexual energy instantly

  • Receive pleasure everywhere all the time, not limited to but including embodied orgasms

  • Speak your truth and be a fearless leader healing the world your way.

  • Get out of your anxious head immediately and instead connect to your Divine Feminine Healing energy.

  • Sky rocket your energy level waking up excited for the day

  • Productivity up 500%

  • Extraordinary standards across the board

  • Trade in deadly procrastination for laser focus.

  • No more saving anyone, instead you'll teach others to heal themselves, the same way I taught you to heal yourself

  • Peaceful sleep filled nights

Feminine energy by creation is healing energy. Knowing how to connect and embody in an instant means there are no limits on your love and changing the world happens with ease.

No more hiding. You'll speak your fearless truth without fear of rejection or being judged and feel proud knowing you are inspiring everyone to do the same.

All your unworthy programs will be alchemised through reprogramming your subconscious.

Your frequency rises and so does everything you attract. You'll instantly attract high vibe like minded people, opportunities and experiences.

You will finally wake up knowing with conviction that you are living in purpose.

You will finally have it all.