There is a gold mine inside of you right now!

My gift is guiding you to your precious treasure and teaching you to grow from this PLACE OF pure energy.

Unleash your Super Power!

About Lani Nalu

Lani Nalu

I teach women how to receive pure energy, pure love and mind blowing success.

It’s pretty ironic that ME, a poor Mexican American who was sexually abused as a child, went from one abusive relationship to the next, a divorcee, severe body dysmorphia, struggled to make rent for years, trying to save everyone whilst dying inside…. I AM Bad Ass.

I AM truly in my power, a successful entrepreneur, life coach, energy healer, meditation guru, fully aligned with the Universe. I live in the greatest purpose and Cosmic connection with ease. 

Today, I teach women how to receive PURE COSMIC LOVE. I guide women to their True power and living a life with ease and abundance financially, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Lani. what can I say about this beautiful, vibrant, exotic queen! She truly has this wonderful gift and intuition within herself that exudes light and positivity
— Lexi